Path of Exile Auto Heal + Auto Quit

On higher difficulties in PoE you will loose experience on death, so it is really handy to have a bot that quits the game before you can die and loose your precious gaming hours to death. Also it can be quite useful to have a script that automatically uses your flasks to heal you in combat situations, giving you more time to think about killing mobs. – An auto hotkey script that does these exact 2 things has been posted on any you all are free to download it and use it to enhance your game play in Path of Exile.


The Script can be found at the URL below:


Path of Exile Multihack

A new multi hack for Path of Exile (PoE) has just been released on the HackerBot forums. This hack will increase the visibility of enemies by making the environment brighter and zooming out your camera. Also it changes the way your map works so that enemies can be detected a lot sooner. This hacks is a must have for any PoE Pro and can make your farming a lot more effective.

In order to access the files, you will have to sign up for the HackerBot forum.

Hacks and Scripts for Path of Exile

There are many ways to make your game play in Path of Exile a lot easier: Auto hotkey scripts, bots, auto potion bots, auto looting, auto selling and lots of other functions that very simple and easy to use programs can do for you. On you will find a section dedicated to PoE hacks, bots and the sharing of those and the knowledge that goes with owning and using these kinds of workarounds.

If you are interested in contributing or downloading these tools to help you to be one of the best players in all of Path of Exile, then join our community now and start sharing and leeching our software and be the best player you can be today.

Path of Exile – PoE Hacks on HackerBot